Engine Remapping and Tuning

Bespoke vehicle tuning designed around the individual.

No matter what your vehicle and driving style, from long distance touring or performance enthusiast to city commuter; Engine remapping will enhance your driving experience, whilst helping you look after the planet and save money on the cost of fuel.

We can access a vehicles on board computer or ECU with specialist equipment.  This allows us to read the ECU and make a copy of the program. We use the copy as the basis to make bespoke changes to the performance of the vehicle.  Finding improved fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions or enhancing BHP performance from your vehicle is a reality!

We are able to tune a huge range of cars, light commercial vehicles, tractors, trucks, bikes, jet-skies and boats!

Proven results that work

We take great care of your vehicle and ensure we make the very best recommendation for your vehicles condition, mileage and driving style.

Diesel Engine Remapping for Economy

Engine remapping can increase MPG by up to 15% and at the same time increase BHP.  Through making your engine run more efficiently these spectacular increases are gained i.e., a 2012 Ford Transit 2.2tdi with an original 125BHP will gain 15% greater MPG and still gain an extra 15 BHP and increase the torque by 50 Nm.  A 2010 Range Rover Sport V6 with an original 252 BHP will increase MPG by 15% whilst gaining 32 BHP and increasing torque Nm by 70 and a 2009 Mini One will gain MPG by 15%, gain 15 BHP and gain Torque by 30 Nm.Diesel

Engine Remapping for Performance

Engine remapping for performance makes the car run smoother, evens out flat spots and give an all round enhancement, take a 2009 Jaguar XFV6 3.0TD with 245 BHP, we can increase this to 295 BHP and increase the Torque by 110 Nm or a Mini One 1.4D can be increased from 90 BHP up to 115 BHP and increase the torque by 55 Nm.  A Range Rover Vogue TDV8 4.4 can be increased in BHP from 309 to 359 and torque is up by 110 Nm.

Petrol Engine Remapping for Performance

From our ever increasing list, here are some examples of cars that have had engines remapped for performance.  On a 2010 Audi S3 2.0 265 BHP we can increase it to 325 BHP and give a Torque increase of 100 Nm.  A  2009 Mini One 1.6i can be taken from an original 218 BHP up 308 BHP with a gain of 10 Nm and a 2008 VW Golf (V) 16V GTI TFSI 2.0 can be taken from 200 BHP to 240 BHP and gain 85 Nm.  

That gives you just some examples of what can be achieved through safe remapping.  Prior to remapping any vehicles they must be in good running condition and in some cases we would require a diagnostic test to be performed, which we can do. 


In the Press.

Jaguar F-Type Predator - driving the 650bhp Aventador rival

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0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

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