Remaps for Tuning

If you’re looking for better performance in your car, which could be more BHP or better fuel efficiency then we may have the answer for you.Either through remapping your ECU or through using a tuning box, both are guaranteed efficient and safe using our parameters.There are differing reasons for remapping or using a tuning box.  The tuning box does not interfere with the ECU and just works on air and fuel measurements whereas a remap is writing over your existing software in the ECU.With remapping we are able to put on or remove speed limiters and delete the EGR system entirelyBoth are able to be reversed, with the tuning box it’s a matter of unplugging the device and with remapping it needs to be done by ourselves, we hold your original files in storage.We have customers who have gained up to 90 BHP more with a massive increase in torque, and others who have gained fuel savings of up to 20%.You may well ask if this is safe for the engine and if it is, then why manufacturers don’t set the parameters in the factory.  The reason why they don’t is simply because, to enable economy of production manufacturers build cars to suit many different markets with the same engine going too many different models and to suit many different qualities of fuel.  You will find exactly the same model of high end vehicle being driven in third world countries which have inferior fuel quality.  These vehicles are de-tuned to allow them to run on this, but when that same engine is running on high quality fuel such as in Great Britain then that engine is under performing to the conditions. Manufacturers also use the excess available in performance to introduce a higher performance model using the same engine by simply changing the parameters within the ECU.  It must be noted however that increasing performance should also take into account higher braking and suspension specs including tyre ratings.

Whether you own a car, bike,  4x4, light commercial vehicle, truck, pull heavy loads, tow trailers and caravans, cover high annual mileage or simply seek the increase in Power or Economy, there is a product that will help you. 

The advantages of a tune box or a remap are:

  • Improved drivability
  • Increases BHP
  • Increases Pulling Power (Torque)
  • Eliminates dead spots.
  • Improved MPG for high mileage drivers


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0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

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