Remaps for Tuning

A remap will totally transform your car, making it much more enjoyable to drive, eliminating flat spots and giving and giving it raw power! 

Many customers come to us for advise when trying to decide whether to sell their car or not. After some discussion most decide to give it a remap and are totally astounded by the difference and keeping the car for many more miles saving on hefty replacement costs. 

A Remap will totally transform your car.


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If we can do this then why don’t the manufacturers do it already? 

Well, they already do this and a good example is a Mk7 Ford Transit. The base model is 85 BHP and then it’s 100, 125, 155 and 175 BHP.  This is all with exactly the same engine, with no modifications. The only difference is the price they charge for the different models. 


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Adrians 330d remap

Today we gave Adrian's BMW 330d a stage one remap which took the car from 228 BHP to a very nice 273 BHP 🏇🏇🏇and an increase of 80 Nm of torque taking it to a grunty 💪 580 Nm of torque. But prior to this we gave the engine a Terraclean service to ensure that it is in its best condition prior to the map.👌 The Terraclean really settles the engine cleaning pre and post injection making it smoother and more efficient.

After a test run Adrian reported back with this:

"It's a Rocket mate!I can't believe the difference, it's another car! I can't get down from it, thank you for your great service. You have put a big smile😁 on my face!! Thank you! 👍"

The Terraclean service will:
⭐Restore BHP 🏇🏇🏇
⭐Restore MPG⛽ 
Restore Performance🏁
Restore Efficiency 👌
Restore Emission levels🏞

A stage one remap will totally transform your car.

Terraclean and Remap

Here's Ronnie with his Mercedes ML320 getting an extra 50 BHP taking it to 270 BHP and Eddy's BMW 520D getting an extra 60 BHP taking it to 235 BHP.

But firstly we Terraclean the cars to ensure that they are running nice and sweet prior to the remap. The Terraclean service cleans the fuel lines and pump and injectors from gunge or tarnish similar to lime scale in your plumbing which restricts flow and and gives poor atomization in the combustion chambers. Then it cleans the combustion chambers and sensors through to the CAT which will give better MPG and performance and efficiency of the engine.

Both Ronnie and Eddy had ear to ear grins after testing the cars and were well pleased with the results.

Catalins A7 Remap

This Audi A7 belongs to Catalin who called us in to beef up his car a bit. So after a Terraclean service to ensure that it is running nice and sweet we gave the 3 ltr engine a stage one remap taking it from 201 BHP to 266 BHP and an increase of 150 Nm of torque taking it to 550 Nm. Pure Grunt!!💪 Love it!! ❤

And here's what Catalin had to say after a test drive:

"Hi. I am honestly very pleased with it.🤗 It's a lot smoother and powerful. Is like i am driving a different car. Its brilliant. Way above expectations!! Thanks so much."

The Terraclean service will:

✔Restore BHP 🐎🐎🐎
✔Restore Performance 🏁
✔Restore Efficiency 👌✔Restore MPG⛽✔Restore Emission levels 🏞

A stage one remap will totally transform your car.

Lees range rover remap

Terraclean and remap After a Terraclean service to completely settle the engine and to ensure that it was running nice and sweet and in its best condition, we remapped Lee's Range Rover Sport HSE taking it from 245 BHP to 290 BHP and an increase of 90 Nm of torque taking it to 690 Nm.

After the Terraclean and remap Lee had this to say:

"Superb!!! it pulls away so much better. It's smoother and has so much more power"👌

Terraclean and Remap

Lucian called us in to give his life a bit of a boost! 💪To achieve this, we gave his Audi Quattro A3 2ltr a stage one remap after a Terraclean service to ensure that it is running nice and sweet, prior to the map. This took it from a healthy 199 BHP to 239 BHP🏇🏇🏇 and an increase of 80 Nm of torque, taking it to 💪360 Nm.

This is what he had to say about it, after a test drive:

"Lovely very fast, response like a bullet I love😍 it!" "It's much more smoother!"

The Terraclean service will:
Restore BHP 🏇🏇🏇
Restore MPG⛽
Restore Performance 🏁
Restore Efficiency 👌
Restore Emission levels 🏞

A stage one remap will totally transform your car.

0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

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