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DPF and EGR cleaning

Fuel rectifiers Limited are specialists in fuel management systems which include EGR and DPF units.  These units are a means which enables a method to reduce emission levels but can be the motorist’s nightmare. 

When these units malfunction there is a raft of reasons why.  Replacing at huge expense is not usually going to solve the problem, it’s a temporary fix.  The cause of a faulty EGR or DPF would normally stem from a dirty combustion.  The cleaner the combustion the more efficient your engine will run.

A dirty combustion can be caused through many different reasons with the most common being carbon build up in the combustion chambers and on the injectors creating an abnormal vapour prior to ignition or it could be faulty injectors and sensors.

By the time you realise that your EGR or DPF is clogged up the carbon build-up will have affected all of the parts connecting to the units and replacing them does not fix this. 

DPF Cleaning

DPF (diesel particulate filter) were introduced by UK regulation in 2009.  However they did start to appear in cars from about 2006.  The DPF is a device that sits in the exhaust system and is designed to capture soot and other nasty substances so that they are not released into the atmosphere.

Under normal conditions the DPF will regenerate which is a process of automatically burning the soot inside the DPF to prevent it from clogging. 

If you have a warning light showing that points to a fault with the DPF it could be any number of reasons including too much back pressure due to a clogged unit, faulty sensors.  A warning light should create an Active regeneration within the DPF by signal from the ECU.

Failing this you can try a Passive regeneration by going on a slow motorway trip, in a manual car use 4th gear and keep the rev’s at 2-2500, which should be 40 mph or just over, with an auto select a lower position than drive. This will probably take about 6 to 10 miles to perform but is dependent on how clogged the DPF is. 

Failing this it’s a Forced regeneration which will be performed by our team who will instigate the regeneration through our software and running the vehicle.  The software kicks off the ECU unit to perform a DPF clean cycle and runs the car at high rev’s for a considerable time, whilst this is happening the ECU will heat the DPF to an extreme temperature and burn off the soot.

If a DPF has become so clogged that it will not self regenerate then we recommend cleaning it first.

First steps in a clean, is to test that electrics are working to the sensors, then check back pressure on the DPF.  We then run our specially formulated soot and carbon remover through the DPF unit, dissolving the particles and allowing them to flow through the fine mesh filter and out the back of the exhaust.

This is only a cure for the DPF fault and it is recommended to find out why it was clogged and you will find that it is probably a faulty EGR valve creating excess particulates (un-burnt fuel) and pushing it into the DPF unit.  The main cause of all this will stem from the combustion chambers and we recommend cleaning all systems.

It is not recommended to replace a clogged DPF with a cheaper after market product as the ceramics inside the filter will not withstand for long the incredible heat (up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit),  displaced during a regeneration cycle.  You will soon be faced with the same problem.  We firstly clean the soot which can be Terracleaned.  If too much ash is present this cannot be cleaned and we will remove the DPF and send it away for a baking process which completely cleans it out, this normally has a 3 day turn around.

EGR cleaning

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a device which returns a portion of combustion exhaust through to the inlet valves which reduces the amount of NOx being emitted out of the exhaust by reducing combustion chamber temperatures through less oxygen  being burnt.  The dangerous Nitrous Oxides are formed when engine combustion chambers exceed 2500F.

This reduction in oxygen to the chamber lowers the chamber temperature, however this has a tendency to create particulates or un-burnt diesel which will flow through to the DPF and hence the introduction of the DPF.

A faulty EGR valve which is stuck open will further increase the amount of particulates causing the DPF to become clogged quicker than usual.  It will also causes a rough idle and a heavy knocking and pinking sound which is associated with pre-detonation. 

A clogged EGR valve will cause a heavy knocking sound, a rough idle and will be difficult to start.

Replace Verses Clean

In most cases if the EGR is not functioning properly it is due to carbon build up and merely replacing the unit is a temporary fix because all the associated chambering will be clogged as well. 

Our team will come to you and clean the complete EGR system which is on the exhaust side (hot) and the intake (cold) side.

should I replace my EGR?

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