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It’s all about Performance

We are a well established, family owned business, built on honesty and integrity, specialising in performance for motor cars, both with an increase in performance and economy.  We rectify issues with fuel systems through either, removing carbon and soot within combustion chambers, intake and exhaust systems or through tuning engines using safe and guaranteed parameters.Fuel Rectifiers Ltd works with only the best suppliers to the industry using TerraClean (Randstad PLC), Viezu international (UK) and Essing Performance (Holland).  They provide the product, we provide the expertise.

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Terraclean Combustion Cleaning

Over time, normally every 12,000 miles gum or varnish builds up on injectors and sensors and carbon lodges itself on pistons, valves and chambers, a Terraclean service restores your engine back to where it was, restoring BHP and Fuel Economy.  The Terraclean service will reduce emission levels as many of our customers will attest. 

Wrong Fuel Rectifiers

Fuel Rectifiers Ltd - Wrong Fuel division covers the South East of London from Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford including Southend-on-Sea to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, Croydon and Bromley including Dartford, also covered is East London to Whitechapel, Enfield, Ilford and Romford.

Fuel Rectifiers Ltd – Wrong Fuel division have gained ISO 9001 and Pas 43 which are highly sort after certificates in roadside recovery, this certification allows the company to undertake Govt work along with assisting clubs and insurance companies through major breakdown companies. Fuel Rectifiers are registered with the environmental dept and all technicians’ hold SPA licences which allow recovery on forecourts.

Terraclean EGR and DPF Cleaning

More stringent emission level testing and control forced in by the EU has meant that ever increasing performance reducing measures are being brought into place.  The advent of the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve and the DPF (diesel particulate filter) has helped to lower emissions but is a never ending nightmare for motorists through blocked valves and filters forcing cars into limp mode creating a panic of unknown fixes including replacement at exorbitant prices

Engine Remapping for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Bikes, Boats and Tractors

Using only the best available we download your ECU data, alter it to suit your driving style and requirements and then upload it onto your ECU creating a brand new performance available to only you.  Map out the EGR valve, take off speed limiters, get greater MPG through Blue Optimize™ or increase BHP significantly. Tune boxes for Cars, Vans, Boats and TractorsProviding most of the benefits of remapping but the small unit can be detached from your vehicle taking it back to standard, and then it can be reprogrammed for your next purchase.  Contact us to get your best option. 

0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

0% 4-month finance on ALL our products

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